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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post

I understand, but I'm telling you if you and I both hit a wall things would be very close, the difference is my MENTAL transference to my body, that's all.

I am into science, but also faith, my faith says we are made in God's image, and one of those traits I've studied is man, among all creatures, creativity. In other words, knowledge is one thing, creativity CREATES KNOWLEDGE, something unique to man.

So maybe I had the disavantage of not really being taught, as I said before, kids today aren't really "taught" computers, but my son can outdue me, maybe we are more open younger? I don't know.

Anyways God bless, next time you play think of me, that I NEVER think of what I'm going to do, TRY IT, you have nothing to lose, you may be surprised if you mentally inject CONFIDENCE for "Do this", that you will do a shot that you look back on and say "Wow, I did that". This proves my point I think.
Mick, I've never taken a tennis lesson, don't practice much, and don't think when I'm playing. I'm not sure, but I think there's a connection between one or more of those things and the fact that my unique and creatively beautiful tennis game sucks competitively.

I'm gonna hit the sack now. Good talking with you.
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