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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Dont know about this method, although i appreciate the input by Krosero. Following the results, Federer had his peak level mostly 2008-12, with the Roddick matches at Wim 2003-5 in between. It is somewhat corresponding with my impressions, that Federer played more serve and volley against Roddick and Philippoussis 2003 at Wim.
what makes you think that federer had his peak level b/w 2008 and 2012 ?

that's just from the list of matches krosero has. it isn't a comprehensive list by any means ...

just that he probably has more stats of matches in 2008-12

Originally Posted by urban View Post
Tennis level is always relative to opponent, surface and playing style. I would assume, that most players hit more winners on grass, that one player plays more for winners than another, who is defending better and basically tries to play one more ball back, to win; that is is more difficult to hit winners against fast players than against slower ones and so on.
yeah, which is why I said federer's performance vs nadal @ the YEC in 2011 stands out, it was on a medium surface against an elite defender ....

so does gonzalez's vs haas in the AO 2007 SF ....
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