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I have read the latest Rosewall bio,Muscles. It's quite interesting and just the kind of book Rosewall wanted. Modest but with a lot of flavour of the times. However I also read Peter Rowley's book which pushed the thesis that Rosewall was possible the best of all time. I liked it even though I found it a bit dry. And I have read Robert Geist's book on Rosewall - difficult, as my German is basic - and it was full on Rosewall best of all time. I have planned a book of my own that over the past ten years has not got past....the plan. I have all three in my library. I spent nearly 40 dollars because I really wanted to read it, but if you wait a few months I'm sure you'll be able to pick it up for around 15 dollars. Bottom line...THREE books HAVE been written about Rosewall.
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