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on another note, I did see your post regarding the AO courts being a bit too fast in 2000 ... interesting article.

but was it really faster than the USO then ?

I did a check on the aggressive margins in their AO 2000 and USO 2001 matches - not that much of a difference in quality in both the matches

for an explanation regarding aggressive margin, check :

given comparable quality of tennis, you'd expect aggressive margins to be higher on the faster surfaces ...

AO 2000 :

agassi : 26.3%
sampras : 24.3%

( in contrast the AO 2005 match b/w fed/safin had them close to 20% each and that was an even better match, suggesting that the AO 2000 was indeed faster )

USO 2001 :

sampras: 34.6%
agassi : 30.5%

suggesting that the USO in 2001 was indeed faster than the AO in 2000

I'd be reluctant to use USO 95, 2002 matches for direct comparison as the quality of those matches isn't comparable to the 3 matches mentioned above ...

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