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Default Swing weight advisor

This is a very interesting thread about an item that we (of the Dutch forum) also worked on.
We noticed that too many children play with a racquet that is either too heavy or too light for their age, type of play or stature.

So we created the Swingweight advisor which does the following:
This Excel sheet does 3 things:
1. It advises a Swingweight for a certain player based on type of forehand, age and build.
2. It calculates the SW of a racquet, when head- and throat- weight are entered. (Only have to weigh the weight at both ends of the racquet)
3. When the SW is too low it calculates how much weight should be added at a certain position.

There has been a lot of discussions about this on different forums and people built weighing systems to measure the SW as shown on this pictures.

Only one scale is ok but we found out that Head does the same measurements with 2 scales which is easier of course.

Maybe this is useful to you and when someone wants to have the Excelsheet just send me a pm.

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