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My answers in red....

Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Simple, all you have to do is WATCH IT BEFORE SPEAKING.

Watch Fed pick up shots mid court, "No mans land", his "No Way" shots, by commentators and fans are always mid court or the net, so think what you will, hate debating emotional women who can't use logic.

I am not a woman but its nice to know you are showing your true colours with degrading comments such as that. You are looking for a debate, so keep it civil and intelligent at least.

It's incredible, you listen to commentators, they say things like "Well Djokavich is not good at the net", AMAZING, top guy, can't play all court.

Maybe you need a lesson in all court, all it means is that someone is as accomplished everywhere they play, a baseliner in not, so modern teachers "Choke Creativity" BIG TIME when they say "Oh, yea the game has changed, get back three feet behind the baseline, here's your 110 inch racket, I look good, get paid right"?

Wrong, fabrication.

Guarenteed, next great serve and volleyer, or if they speed up courts, you'll be like "Heh, we need to train the new way, all court", "We don't do mindless baseline anymore".

Key word there "IF". Right now the courts at the pro level are slow, thus baseline play and mid-court rules, not net play. Supports my statement from my earlier post, thanks.

I play with people like you on the courts, you have no idea how to deal with a short side spin shot, hard low left angled shot, no clue! I beat pro's girl, so don't talk unless you know what you are talking about, sick of fools who can't play trying to commentate my points that can help others, Tennis is in the MIND.

That's funny right there.
Throughout your life advance daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more skillful than today. This is never-ending. - Hagakure
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