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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Speed limit is 75 mph nation wide , we promote cars ad's on TV from all company's that exceed speeds of 100, 150 , 180 mph right off the show room floor and there were some 10,000 speed related deaths in 2010 alone and a 16 yr old can purchase one of these weapons of mass destruction .

Yet the intelligent person realizes that its not the car that kill but the lawbreaker that usually is at fault .

The ad is alright with me cause I am a law abiding citizen and I understand the context .

BTW the kid at SandyHook was addicted to 'Call of Duty " but trust me that had nothing to do with his mindset .
we are talking about guns, violent weapons in tennis

many 10 year olds do not understand a thing ( maybe not yours) , especially a kid wanting a babolat because nadal has one now he wants a flame thrower as well.

it is a combination of all, it is black ops, mental illness, divorced parents, guns, bullying, drugs etc.... and the 1% factor that we do not know yet. It was the perfect storm. only we do not need to add to the perfect storm if we don't have to, especially in our so called perfect sport, thats all.
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