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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
I agree that as a society, we promote too much violence. I don't let my kids play violent video games, see movies or watch TV programs that are violent or above their maturity level. I don't own a firearm. But I just don't find this ad threatening. I showed it to my 10 year old and asked him what he thought the message of the ad was and he said "that Babolat rackets have power". So, I take back my earlier comment, maybe it is good marketing.
i showed it to my 10 year old and he said, they have a flame thrower in black oops, as well as dynamite and bombs and rockets. My son said he wants a rocket launcher when he grows up!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,, great now not only he wants a babolat like nadal he wants a rocket launcher and a flame thrower, see the point, I cracked all the black ops and gears of war games in half, now I have to worry about STUPID babolat ads that have no place in tennis.
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