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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
i showed it to my 10 year old and he said, they have a flame thrower in black oops, as well as dynamite and bombs and rockets. My son said he wants a rocket launcher when he grows up!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,, great now not only he wants a babolat like nadal he wants a rocket launcher and a flame thrower, see the point, I cracked all the black ops and gears of war games in half, now I have to worry about STUPID babolat ads that have no place in tennis.
My 10 year old doesn't know whats in Black Ops or any war game... we don't own a video game system of any kind. Believe me, I'm on your side on the issue as a whole - but I think it's such a large issue that battles have to be picked (no pun intended) and this example is just very tame. There is not one gun in the ad, there are no dark or military colors, there is no aggressive headlines, etc. Now if the racquet was wielded like an AR15 and the headline said "mow down your competition", that's a different meaning and intention. I feel for you on your son's reaction, I'd be shocked if mine had said that and probably feel differently about the ad - different outlook I guess.
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