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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
There are some 90,000 plus death due to medical malpractice each year therefore we should outlaw DRs. and not promote going to hospitals !!!

just change a few words in my statement to weapons and you agree big time right ???

How stupid have we become here in the USA ???
we have become insensitive, not stupid.

there is not a person who is pro gun on this board than I am, but as coaching23, "we have a national tragedy" for me it is 30 minutes from my house where my son competed against a kid from sandy hook elementary school whos parents are more pro gun than I am. We have toned down our gun rights and trying to find a solution to this debate, some middle ground, at least show some respect to this sensitive issue. Rocket launchers, flame throwers, dynamite sticks, bombs have no place in tennis in any shape or form.

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