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Originally Posted by FedericRoma83 View Post
Is this forum really Laver-oriented? I remember a lot of Rosewall fans... am I wrong?
It's a forum for past players and obviously Laver is one of the most famous past players so a good percentage will discuss Laver and some of his accomplishments. If they had a forum like this 40 years ago a good percentage will discuss Bill Tilden and Don Budge but many of those observers aren't around anymore. I wouldn't mind if the forums discussed players earlier than the 1950's which they do on occasion. There are also less info on tennis the further back that you go which also restricts discussion.

Rosewall is discussed very often because his accomplishments rival Laver's and some think surpass him. The same can be said about Pancho Gonzalez. I've always thought that among Gonzalez, Laver and Rosewall the one with the greatest single weapon is Gonzalez, with his great serve, possibly the greatest in tennis history.
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