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Default Gravity is a great helper

We always talk about playing a relaxed game but most of us just think about "hitting" relaxed. I just realized it is equally important to be relaxed also when you take your backswing. Yesterday i understand how important and underrated is letting gravity do the work when taking the backswing.

It is always said that "pull the racquet butt towards the ball" but i couldn't do that till now. Loose grip, backswing pauses, directional changes, pronation and supination, whatever i tried it just felt so stiff. Now i realize that it is not just about the things you do after the racquet drop but also before the racquet drop the slot. I find it almost impossible to create an effective whipping effect without just letting the racquet drop down and apply no tension with your arm. If you just push the racquet upwards with your non-hitting arm with the unit turn and let the gravity do the work, you just get used to a totally relaxed game. If you also want the "pat the dog" position, you also get your elbow up at the same time you push the racquet with your non hitting arm, and that will pronate your forearm which will lead to a necessary supination to hit the ball. Leading with elbow + gravity usage = pulling the racquet butt towards the ball.

I know it is a common knowledge and not something new but sometimes little advices and little things helps a lot to rec. players like me to improve their game and i think that helped my game more than anything, so wanted to share.
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