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Agassi took the 1995 US Open final defeat as badly as he did because of what it meant, not just because it was the US Open but because of the timing and its wider significance:

1. 26 match winning streak halted
2. People thought that Agassi was taking over as the world's best, but then he lost the biggest match of all, the match which would have confirmed it.
3. Sampras suddenly had 2 majors in the year to Agassi's 1, despite not being as prolific in winning tournaments like Agassi during the year. Basically, Agassi failed to turn quantity into quality, while Sampras did turn his year into quality with excellent timing.

It was like a steak through the heart for Agassi. The 1995 Australian Open final, by contrast, had a totally different set of circumstances. Sampras was still number 1 at that point, but Sampras was going through a tough time in being worried about Tim Gullikson while Agassi was in red hot form throughout the tournament. The tragic death of Vitas Gerulaitis in September 1994 was still fresh in Sampras' memory too.

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