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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Lets take your vocabulary and mincing words against my natural talent and HARD WORK AND FUN and see who comes out on top, are you joking? "Well a half drop blah side spin", are you joking?

If you have to think about it that hard you can't play, and if you think you can come play me, even in horrible shape I've DESTROYED 5.5 players, would have Justin Bower, just PLAY ALL, DON'T LISTEN TO THIS NONSENSE.
This is the kind of stuff you often confuse, lol. Why do you relate this to your
supposed tennis talent? Maybe you can "Destroy" at 5.5 while you're out of shape,
but in what sport?

We are talking about a coaching and communication point here; not a talent or
who would win point. Using the correct word or words can be key working with
students. So,
I'm also just raising the question, "Is it worth while to recognize and separate the
difference between the half volley technique and the short hop situation"?

Have a link to vid of your amazing 5.5+ talent?
I did love to ck it out, thanks.
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