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Originally Posted by ramos77 View Post

The Albert Reserve courts are right next to you...

You can hire a coach if you want. I would also be keen to have a hit if you like?

Check the details for "Albert Reserve"

Excellent! Id love to have a hit and thanks for the graet info!

I arrive wednesday at midnight so how about thursday late afternoon or evening for a hit? I see albert reserve has a cardio tennis workout at 7 pm that i will try to sign up for. Would u be available for a hit at 5pm or 6pm thursday?? If not just let me know when. I prefer morning or late afternoon/evening so i can go see tennis during the day even during the qualy week.

Albert resere also have some group lessons at 28 AUD/hr (!) that i will look into.

Are u Australian and do u live near St.Kilda?
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