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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
OMG would you please just lighten up!!!!!! I find it interesting that all the toy gun ads and toys were from the late 50 to the 70s before they were stopped....I remember moving to the USA from Europe in the 60s and we ALL had the Agent ZeroM, Johnny Seven, James Bond, Man from and guns.

It's the generation raised in the 80s and 90s that didn't get to play with toy guns and watch "violent" TV cartoons like Space Ghost, Herculoids, Bugs Bunny, 3 Stooges...etc that seem to be the issue the last 20 yrs.
it is the parents (who grew up in the 50/60) who are raising their children who are partially to blame. They also smoked and knew nothing about smoking ads. Huston "come to where the flavor is come to Marlboro country" LOL!!!!!!!

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