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The same day all those people got blasred at Sandy Hook some "crazy" Chinese dude ran through a school and Stabbed 20 plus kids , Violence has been here since Cain and Able

I am sick of people saying Look what that gun looks like or that gun can hold 15 bullets and should only be able to hold 8 ,MY question whats better 8 dead people or 15 ???? THE ANSWER 1 and there is where we are missing the point life is important and through our teachings over the years of SElf love,Self this, Self that, we have now a people that dont give a crapp about anyone but themSelves and the only life that matters is their own and what they want !!!!!

We need every law Abiding citezen to carry a gun and when some idiot decides he wants to take a bunch of innocent lives we all can take care of our own,

Do we need a professional to do this NOOOOO because these crazys are not Pros but they are getting the job done killing people .
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