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So I thought it couldn't get any stranger, and then I turned on ESPN3 this morning only to see that they are broadcasting....the world cup of table football. Probably the oddest thing I've ever watched.

Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Isco does deserve to play regularly, i'm sure he will have his pick of where to go in the summer. I know Man City want him, he'd be an upgrade on Nasri for sure. Man Utd could use him, with Kagawa not really hitting it off and a replacement for Scholes still needed. I could see him at Barcelona or Real Madrid too, getting alot of playing time.
Well Nasri is crap and only was good for Arsenal for a few seasons and City don't play him in the same role Arsenal did. Kagawa still needs more time, he hasn't even been there a full season yet. He's class, people seem to forget just how young he actually is and how good he was in his first season with Dortmund. He'll come good.


You're right about Benat's age, he's a bit of a late developer. He is more of a deep lying playmaker though, that's usually a position where it takes a long time to master, but they usually get better with age and play for longer. Pirlo is probably better than he's ever been these days, even though his legs are pretty much gone someone who can orchestrate things and get the ball to the players who can do damage is something priceless. I'm not saying Benat is the one to do that, but it's probably one of the only positions I wouldn't be too worried about going for someone older. Who knows, maybe Modric will be available if their new manager in the summer doesn't fancy him
Then maybe we should sign Pirlo? I don't want Modric anymore, he's not that good anyway.
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