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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
$83 for breakfast for 3?

Unless they are spoon feeding you lobster that was raised on kobe beef, why would you voluntarily fork over that much for breakfast and then worry about the tip?

Denny's is open at 5:30am go there or the local diner. The eggs, pancakes, toast and coffee are the same and the prices aren't obscene.
I have answered the question partially - early morning commitments like tours or tennis clinic.

To elaborate on that, it involves complex factors like: not having a car, having a car but getting it out of a lot in a big resort may take a while, stomach condition in the morning prone to certain demands at embarrassing times, all of us need to use the single bathroom sequentially, heavy coffee loading due to a desire to have full evacuation before activities but also causing the abrupt situations ............
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