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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
Over the past week I have grown rather fond of this Borg guy, all of a sudden I rank him higher than Sampras
Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
only needs to pack some muscle
Trust me Borg was plenty strong, fast and powerful. The guy could serve about 130 mph with a wood racquet. Pancho Gonzalez said (after he retired) that he would fear Borg and that Borg was the hardest hitter he had ever seen.

It's really not close in my opinion with Borg and Sampras.

Check these stats. Sampras won 14 majors and Borg 11. However Borg won his 11 majors in 27 attempts which Sampras won his in 52 attempts.

Sampras won 64 total tournaments. Borg won 106 tournaments by the time he retired at age 25. Heck Borg won 76 tournaments in five years.

Sampras in his best year won less than 90% of his matches. Borg averaged higher than 90% over FIVE YEARS.

Borg was the real deal. In his best years he didn't just win, he slaughtered his opponents. He holds the record for more bagels in a career with way over 100. He won on every surface and was dominant on every surface. Arthur Ashe once said that Borg didn't have a stroke weakness.

Now Sampras fans may disagree with me but looking at the information I've seen I don't see Sampras being ranked ahead of Borg. His only edge is really his three extra majors.
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