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Originally Posted by Fedex View Post
If Murray can keep doing this to Djokovic then he has a chance:

It was rallies like these that eventulally resulted in Djokovic physically breaking down.
Djokovic won that rally.

In fact, the majority of Djokovic/Murray rallies go in a pattern where they hit passively to each other until Djokovic either gets bored and hits a winner, or Murray makes an unforced error.

Do you see that Murray is screwed both ways - he's not as consistent and can't defend as well as Djokovic, so will always cough up the unforced error first, and he also is far physically weaker than Djokovic, and doesn't have the strength to swing the racket fast enough to hit winners, so is vulnerable to getting blasted off the court by Djokovic as well.

With this in mind, it truly is remarkable that the H2H has been so close - one would have to think that when they've met they've mainly played mostly on surfaces or under conditions that Djokovic does not favor, or that Djokovic has suffered with personal issues or his previous susceptibility to allergies to skew the H2H slightly.
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