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Originally Posted by Technatic View Post
This system certainly calculates the swing weigth.

The calculation goes as follows:
- From the head and throat weight the balance point is calculated.
- Then the moment of enertia is calculated from the balance point.
- Then the moment of enertia of is added for the displacement from the balance point to the rotation point that you want to choose. This rotation point lies on 10 cm from the end of the grip on most of the SW machines.

We compared the calculated values (Schwunggewicht berechnet) with the values measured on an Babolat RDC (Schwunggewicht gemessen) and as you can see these are quite close.

If you take into consideration that SWs measured on different machines differ a lot these values do not differ too much.
OK, could you please kindly provide a formula that does this:

"Then the moment of inertia is calculated from the balance point"

I'm truly interested.
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