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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Yeah I think their relationship has reached the breaking point, hasn't it? He's been dropped twice in the past few weeks, surely that is unacceptable for a man considered to be the best on the planet?

I think a majority of Real's squad aside from Ronnie and perhaps the likes of Modric and Essien don't like Mou and are starting to resent him. I've heard Ozil isn't particularly happy there anymore because his relationship with Mou is deteriorating quickly. If that's true, Roman should sign him up, whilst Chelsea have got a abundance of players like him, Ozil is amazing and would walk into Chelsea's XI.
I think you're right. Ramos, Ozil, Di Maria, Casillas, Coentrao and Higuain seem to be the ones who's relationship with Mourinho is beyond repair.

That's a huge number of big players to of fallen out with. His relationship with the media there has fallen apart too I think, he threatened a journalist before Christmas. I see papers are running polls asking who should be their manager next year, they always do that when a manager is a dead man walking.
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