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Default I'll be a son of a gun

So I have bought from TennisWareHouse Europe a grommet set for my Redondo mid, counselled by their technician that a grommet set original designed for the Black Ace 93 would fit my Redondo 93,


Alas it does not fit the Redondo frame AT ALL!

So beware out there, don’t be buying the black ace grommet set if you want to replace Redondos sets, and this one makes two, because in 2011 I bought a grommet set for a jack kramer staff 85, this time, I was assured that grommets for the pro staff 85 re issue would fit the Kramer staff and also they didn’t… I don’t use the racquet it is just for “be pretty on the wall” purposes only, but now… now it was just a kick in the nits…
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