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Originally Posted by Smasher08 View Post
Hey BK!

I've been searching for a good backup for wet days. Still searching, but I found a few setups that were ok.

Isospeed Energetic 17 played fantastic at first in a hybrid with CoF. But as it aged it rapidly lost spinniness. So I tried fullbed Energetic and found it didn't have the same liveliness it had at first in hybrid. It played somewhat like Rip Control -- three years go I would have loved it, but muted feeling stringbeds aren't my thing anymore. And curiously I found it played stiffer than when crossed with CoF. I'll probably give it a few more chances though.

I also tried OGSM 17 with CoF crosss and hated it. Gamma syngut 17 full-bed was ok. Pro's Pro Kingut really disappointed me.

I think if I wanted to save some coin, I'd try out some budget gut just because there's still no replicating gut's elasticity. But I saw 6 Star back in 2011 when I was trying out TurboTwist and was definitely intrigued. At $10 that's a pretty good price. Have you thought of posting a formal review??
I may do that. In the meantime, there are some excellent reviews on Stringforum for you to check out at:
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