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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Isn't the "half volley", a stroke technique? Or is it situation based?
Thats how I learned it and this technique was normally used for balls when the
player needed to make the shot quickly after the bounce and sometimes on the
rise further from the deck.

This writer below seems to think the half volley is situation and that the name
is not very descriptive of the shot.
Subtle issue, but curious what some of you thought.

I disagree with most of this article, and especially since I think the name is very
properly descriptive of this "stoke".
Imo the Half volley is mostly a volley that has been lengthened just a bit to
provide some power and control, much like you would do on a volley when the
ball comes slowly to be volleyed and you want to add power to the volley
since the ball was coming so slow.
I didn't have a big problem with the article. I agree that it's not a stroke I want to be hitting a lot. OTHO if you're coming forward it's a stroke you're going to hit some times. You can't be afraid to hit it. Personally if I'm hitting a lot of half volleys then I take that to mean something's wrong. I'm coming in on the wrong shots, not doing enough with my serve, something.

Technique-wise it's a mix. I hit the shot with a continental grip on either side and always one handed, so it's more like a volley. But the stroke mechanics is more like a very shorten ground stroke.
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