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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
I think you're right. Ramos, Ozil, Di Maria, Casillas, Coentrao and Higuain seem to be the ones who's relationship with Mourinho is beyond repair.

That's a huge number of big players to of fallen out with. His relationship with the media there has fallen apart too I think, he threatened a journalist before Christmas. I see papers are running polls asking who should be their manager next year, they always do that when a manager is a dead man walking.
Well they'll all stay if Mou is sacked or if they win it all in Europe this season, which might happen. But if that doesn't go to plan, Chelsea should fax over a 40 million bid for the tandem of Khedira and Ozil. That would be amazing to see those two in Chelsea blue. I'd also happy to see Essien back at the club but he and his knees seem a bit happier in Spain where the opposing teams don't try and kick you to death every week.

Mou's fallen out with the media since day one, the way they have 100% access to the dressing room and training sessions isn't something he really agrees with. He's been a major shake-up to the way things are done in Spain and I don't think anyone is happy about that. I think something similar happened with Mou in Italy and that sped up his departure from Inter. I know Perez is ripshit that he can't select the XI and tactics like he used to be able to. The socios don't seem to be too happy either, they booed Mou before and after the match and I reckon his relationship is so bad with them that even if he wins out the season and takes the Champions League they'll still force him out.

The only problem is that they have nobody that can take over such a club, unless the rumors of Jogi Lowe taking over are true.

Originally Posted by SempreSami View Post
Livid with the referee for giving Madrid the free kick despite the defender winning the ball. Are Spanish referees scared of Ronaldo?

PES6 hero Xabi Prieto was excellent.
Yeah it wasn't much of a foul, I for one thought the ball was won cleanly but the referees apparently didn't see it that way. They aren't scared of Ronnie but moreso of Real Madrid as an institution and their political power in terms of having 49.5% control over La Liga as a whole. (Barcelona own another 49.5% with the other 18 teams having a whopping 1% control collectively).

Xabi Prieto was great, his third goal was a good one, an exquisite touch followed by a calmly taken shot into the far corner.
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