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The problem with all the "super" expensive / high end machine is that it seems the majority are not available in 2pt mount systems.

Personally, after having used both, and finally settling on a 2pt, I would not want to spend all that money for a 6pt mount. I know the vast majority of people like 6pt, and I have no problem with 6pt conceptually, but I find 2pt easier and more enjoyable to work on, as it just stays out of the way.

Thus, if it were me, and money were no issue, I'd get the highest end machine I could, but which had a 2pt mount. Looks to me like the Prince 5000 fits the bill. Doesn't look like the Prince 6000 (presumably the newer model) comes in 2pt.

If any of the "top dogs" (Babolat, Yonex, Technifibre) had a 2pt model, I would totally consider it.

But I completely realize I'm probably in a minority here (and I'm ok with that).
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