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Originally Posted by Tagg View Post
against a sampras, no, nadal would lose on 90s grass. but against an agassi, who hits flat, dictates from the baseline, prefers facing players with flat shots and power than players with lots of topspin on their shots...

in short, nadal's superior athleticism would move agassi around

agassi is not a great mover

nadal's spinny shots is the opposite of what agassi liked to play

agassi is then forced out his comfort zone to serve and volley, nadal retrieves and passes, even on 90s grass

however, make no mistake, at the AO and US, agassi would have the last laugh over nadal. those flat shots on hard court are exactly what nadal hates
what are you on??? there is a reason for the 20 year gap between borg and nadal winning the french and wimbledon back to back (during which time there were huge changes made in terms of wimbledon's court surface and ball). there was a reason lendl skipped most of the clay court season (where he made a killing) and instead practiced on grass, worked on his net game and played nearly every grass court tourney there was leading up to "the fortnight". the reason was the grass didn't play like it does now. the ball didn't set up on the 90s grass at all and the courts in the 90s were all chewed up in the middle of the court by the 3rd round so the bouces are gonna be unpredicable unlike today where the most chewed up part of the court is at the baseline. in fact, the area around the baseline was usually slick, both of which are going to affect rafa's game more than agassi's. aa pretty much recovered to the middle of the court whereas rafa runs around his backhand a ton. it would have been trickier doing that on a slick court. the courts being chewed up in the middle means that any ball landing in the middle of the court can take an akward bounce. due to their different swingpaths, that's more likely to affect rafa than aa.

i didn't quote it but what you said about rafa's lefty serve giving aa fits is garbage. first of all, the grass back then seemed to negate some of the action on the kicker (the slice serve was deadly on it though) and andre managed to beat one of the best serving lefties of all time for the 92 title (ivanisevic). aa gambled quite a bit returning and if rafa got into a pattern of throwning the serve wide to aa's backhand like you suggested, rafa's prolly gonna see aa return up the line (into rafa's backhand) alot. that's not a good pattern of play for rafa.
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