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Question Trying to play D3 Collegiate Tennis. Evaluate my Serve?

So this may be a lofty goal but I'm a freshman in college looking to transfer somewhere to play some D3 tennis in about a year or two. From what I could gather D3 generally seems to about 4.5 levelish.. although it depends on the program i suppose. I don't expect my serves to really be college level yet (I go to a D1 school and their serves are insane!) but at least on the right track for improvement. Can someone please give me some tips/advice/critique? Both technical advice and tactical advice? I plan to upload some groundstrokes pretty soon too.

Serves (Using a cheap walmart racquet at the moment since I have broken the strings)

Went out and took a new vid. Focused on tossing the ball more in front of me. Felt a little awkward but can someone tell me if this is a step in the right direction?

New Serve (Toss more in front)

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