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^^^^^^ were you a law biding citizen when you were Hmmm 15-25 didn't you take a bat to school and got expelled weren't you a gang banger crips once? gang bangers were and are mowing each other in the streets of LA, even with machine guns we can not take them out, ( north hollywood gun fight 1997)

BTW I agree with law biding citizens owning/carrying guns,,,,,,,,, just that there are gray areas,

Veterans in schools?!?!?! some veterans have PTS and can go loco ala fort hood doctor who treated them
we outlawed drugs how are we doing, Meth,Cocaine,acid ,pcp, now we need to outlaw Bathsalts otherwise you have people eating peoples face on their heads on Miami off ramps ? Booze is still legal how we doing with that ? Booze ruins millions of lives a year not to mention the car wrecks it provides ,,Cars are legal and kill just as many people and more then guns a year 10,000 in 2010 alone speed related ?

We need to change laws and prisons BREAD and Water, No TV's,NO weightlifting no computers , and when a kid is showing signs hes a mentalcase put him in a room and leave him there with bread and water .

this ad is fine remember the only ones that are gonna see it for the most part are spoiled kids who show no respect for their oponents the refs and a lot of time their own parents so what do we have to worry about ,Think about this question its loaded ?
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