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Originally Posted by 10istalent View Post
So my blue chip daughter switched coaches. It was an easy transition. However, she has always won based on her power and aggressiveness. Old coach encouraged this type of game. My girl is strong and tall and athletic. New coach says she has a one dimensional game. He wants to add more slice, drop shots, rally balls to give her more of a game. We watched Ana konjuh and she has variety. What do you think? Change game or keep what works? She is 14 now. Will she need more for college or just keep pounding and placing the ball?
Seems that she probably could practice the variety and maintain her current style. Bigger question is how you, your daughter and coach feel about the mental aspects of the transition? If you feel this can be dealt with successfully go for it.

You have Andy Murray predicament in reverse. He had all the variety and had to resolve to hammer the ball more. Not a bad problem to have at all with a blue chip 14 year old. Have fun! Congrats.
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