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One thing I noticed recently with 2 point mounts, especially Prince Neos and Ektelon models. Is that the dogs wear out, after a certain time. Unlike a 6 point were the pads may last longer or get lost. It's much easier to get replacement pads than it is to order dogs or pads from TM. They rarely answer the phones, or even reply to messages, e-mail or voice. Then you when you finally reach them, you find out the parts you want are backordered from Prince. You call Prince to try to order parts, and they refer you to TM. Back to square one. You then start thinking, if these are back ordered, then other owners are having the same problem as you.

Honestly I have no problems with a 6 point mount. If mounted correctly, you should not have blocked holes. It may take 30 sec more to mount, but it's just as efficient. As for 2 point mounts, you don't get block side holes, but you run into mounting problem with narrow bridge rackets.
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