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Originally Posted by lala28m View Post
This thread and it's premise is so over the top.

Really? We are giving the assailant that much power? We can't even use any reference to weapons in marketing? They are not even showing a gun here. All weapons? Forever? Even if we use the word or meaning "weapon" loosely and cleverly? (weapon of love, weapon of seduction, weapon of destiny). This is still our country and our language and it can be used for good or bad. It's our choice and it up to us to use it correctly.

Too much power, time, and attention are right now being given to this mass murder and he has officially hijacked a completely amazing effort by a marketing team to energize a public about (what some call) a dying American sport. smh
I think many here are like you, they live in la la land, you think these companies give a damn about a dying american sport,

the timing is being questioned
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