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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
kodes = 0 majors in full fields ....
fact !....

murray and roddick both have one major in full fields and are clearly superior players ... deal with it ...
Even if it was partially depleted, RG 1971 was a pretty good tournament, I consider it a Major without any kind of doubt. On the other hand, RG '70 and Wimbledon '73 were really weak.
We also have to give credit to Kodes for his two US Open finals: in '71 he defeated Ashe and Newcombe, in '73 he defeated Smith.
He was surely a great player, reaching three "real" Majors finals (but I have to admit that he has a bad record on overall finals: 18 losses, 8 wins).

Anyway, I agree that Roddick and Murray are superior: they both reached five Majors finals (and Murray is still at the top of his game). Moreover, they won some other great tournaments (five and eight Masters 1000 respectively, while Kodes didn't win any Championship Series at the time).

I also give a full credit to Murray's Olympic Gold Medal: it is not a Major, that's sure, but I think it's superior to a Masters 1000 victory (Murray himself after the match said that it was his greatest achievement). Del Potro & Federer's reactions after their epic match also make me believe it.
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