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Originally Posted by EC230 View Post
In my opinion, I really feel this is something you need to consult with your trainers and possibly a nutritionist first. The numbers that you have provided are all optimal values for someone of your build and gender, with the 17% body fat and BMI being just right. You have to understand, as a female your body fat percentage will always need to be higher than that of a male (from a biological and physiological stand point), so there should not be much reason for you to achieve a lower weight and body fat percentage.

If you're hoping to improve on court performance, then there should be an alternative to it rather than just losing weight, since losing weight for the sake of being lighter and having lower body fat percentage does not necessarily correlate to better athletic ability/performance...
I think this is really good advice and I think you're right, no one has told me I need to lose weight I just thought I should and I'm a perfectionist so when I couldn't lose weight it frustrated me but I think it would be maybe unhealthy for me to lose weight as a DI athlete. Thank you for the advice and I will definitely talk to my trainer.
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