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Originally Posted by achokshi99 View Post
You're in excellent shape based on the info you provided as a DI college female athlete. That bf is consistent with good female athletes but how was it measured - calipers, bod pod, or just one of those electronic scales or hand grips? The problem with the scales and grips is that they use an electric current to determine bf and tend to report a lower bf than what's really there. So your bf could be higher than 17%, but if it was with calipers (7pt test) or bod pod, it's legit.

The reason I ask if because if your bf is really 17%, my main question is why are you working out to lose weight vs just maintain your level of conditioning? Has your coach suggested it or do you feel you need to be lighter for speed purposes? If it's speed, I wouldn't worry about the weight and focus more on actual speed drills. If it was bf based on scales/grips and your "real" bf is 3-5% higher, then it would be less of an issue to drop weight.

But first off, at your level of conditioning if that 17% is spot on, it's going to just take longer to see any changes. How many weeks has it been, just before xmas = ~2 weeks? How many calories were you taking in before this diet?
I took a body composition test at my school which is supposed to be more accurate than a bod pod. It reads bf, weight of different body parts, hydration, lean muscle mass and all this other stuff so it's pretty legit. And no one suggested I need to lose weight actually they probably wouldn't be happy if they knew I was trying so maybe I should just focus on getting in the best shape possible. Thanks for your help.
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