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Originally Posted by rb__11 View Post
how long do you really need to stop playing tennis normally to heal TE? and if i do what recovery can i do to make sure this doesn't happen again?
You are under the care of a doctor who has examined you, and will soon have the MRI report, so he would be the best person to ask.

But in general, a period of rehab to build up strength (and test out the injury in a less demanding way than tennis) is the way to go.

Many have found using the Theraband Flexbar as suggested in my post above to be very helpful in returning from tennis elbow without an early recurrence. (The radial motion of the Tyler Twist seems to be a particularly helpful exercise.)

Once one is able to exercise without pain a gradual return to tennis is recommended - start with short hitting sessions without serving, and gradually lengthen the sessions.

Returning with a soft (multifilament or gut) in your frame also lessens the chances for an early recovery. Many find they actually like this set up. Others find that they eventually can play with a hybrid. Trying to get back to a full poly set up too soon (if ever) gives the highest chance for an early recurrence.
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