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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Thanks all for the comments, will post replies as a I have time.

Just a few quick replies now.

Yes those official stats are messed up, but fortunately they don't have an impact on the AM. As long as the unforced errors can be trusted -- and they do look ok -- then the remaining points can be regarded as either forcing points or as clean winners, without worrying about how many exactly were clean winners. That's the problem with the official stats: the figures that they have for Winners are actually the number of points that each player won, in total, on serve (ie, Federer won 31 points on his own serve, Nadal won 46 on his own).

In 2007 the RG site also had a problem counting Winners, and I don't know how the Winners were calculated that year. Fortunately, again, it doesn't have an impact on the AM, so long as the Unforced Errors look reliable, which they do.
the unforced errors column *may* be ok ... I counted 17 UEs for federer ( they had 12 ) and 4 UEs for nadal ( they had 3 ) in the first set ... Maybe I was a bit harsher in evaluating UEs, whereas the statistician was a bit more lenient or a combination of the 2 ....

Originally Posted by krosero View Post
The official Wimbledon stats in '99 have Unforced Errors that are completely unreliable. Those figures look like the total number of errors of every kind, forced and unforced. They've got Sampras at 51 unforced errors. NBC put Sampras at only 22, which looks right. Unfortunately I don't know the UE count that NBC had for Agassi, so AM's can't be calculated.

Do you have any idea what the UE counts were for the Stich match?

Or the UE count for Becker in the '95 Wimby final?
I don't have the UE stats for either of the matches.

yeah, I did see the stats for the wimbledon 99 final .. looks like they combined forced and unforced errors as 'unforced errors'.

do you have the UE counts for the krajicek-sampras match in 96 ? I saw the huge boxscore on the site, some really really detailed stats, but sadly can't get the total UE count from there !
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