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Originally Posted by swfh View Post
I suppose so. I'll work on getting a video of me playing in the coming months. Sandy really messed up my favorite clay courts and they need some serious work. Good news is that they might install lights for night tennis. I recall a day in the 60's around this time last year...

On a side note, how much crisper is BHS compared to BHBR. can anyone compare the spin potential?
I really didn't see the huge difference that some BH fans tout. Silver is a bit crisper, and more predictable than Blue. The best way I can describe it is that silver bites a bit more and gives a bit more of a linear shot. Blue pockets a touch better and gives you that extra "Hmm, that should have been out" factor. Personally, I liked Silver better than Blue but that's just me (Note, I also played them in 2 different frames). Generally though, I don't like surprises with my string bed. A perfect example would be Dunlop Black Widow. Fantastic spin potential, super comfortable. Horrific tension maintenance. From one play to the next it's drastically different.
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