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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
He has 7 French Open titles, in 8 years.. If he never plays RG again, hes still hand down GOAT there. I think thats enough. ANd he will probably always be clay GOAT since its much more difficult to dominate on that surface then it is other surfaces
The guy grew up playing on nothing bug clay. I would hope he was good on that surface... no?

Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
Djokovic played more matches in 2012 and more back to back as well.
That's one year in comparison with Fed's entire career. Let's count it all when it's all said and done for each player and they retire. Just like how Conners made a name for himself for the length of time he's played and won in stupid long matches, everyone will make a name for themselves for something.

Novak had a really good 2011 and good 2012, but he's not even at the level of besting Nadal at any records, let alone Fed or any other top player in the history of tennis. Not saying that he can't... just saying that he hasn't even scratched the surface yet.
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