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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
Because Nike does their homework and doesn't think he's marketable or recognizable? Fed appealed to older fans because he reminds them of tennis when they were young; Nadal appeals to the young, anti-establishment fans. And maybe they have negotiated with his team and found their demands too high? We will never know (since none of us were involved in any talks) - he may have only gone to Uniqlo because they were the ONLY deal, not the best deal.

OP, thanks for posting - although I'm respectfully not buying. The tennis budget at Nike is a mere pimple on the proverbial 'large mammal's' rear end. For what the Rory contract is allegedly for, Nike would have to shutter the entire tennis operation.
+1 on DJoker being impossible to negotiate with. Why do you think he went to ST in the first place? So his family could get distribution rights in Serbia. He also got all of them jobs with ST basically.

Each division gets a certain amount of dollar to work with. As big as Nike is not everything is a blank check. Normally I would agree with you, but the interesting thing here is that Nike has dropped a lot of player without signing many new ones.
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