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Originally Posted by MAXXply View Post
On the topic of Nike Golf, what do you guys think of the crossover suitability of Nike Golf apparel for tennis?
I exclude their golf shirts for the reason I dislike the traditional oversized billowey sleeves (presumably to aid one's golf swing?) but the materials are the same aren't they? And their designs are tasteful enough for streetwear. I'd buy Nike Golf polos in a heartbeat if they had normal/small armholes and a regular polo fit.
Mainly, I'm asking about their golf shorts, which look great and are also a great fit for the street. There usually seems so much more cool stuff in the Nike Golf section of a sports store.
The golf short and pants they make are the best hands down. I'm not one to say something that blatant.

However, I have worn Nike Tennis polos to the course. I prefer the more athletic cut of the Tennis gear. In recent years they have improved the fit of their stuff. The TW stuff was actually the closest to a tennis fit, but the prices are out of this world. IMO you are better off buying tennis polos on sale than a golf polo.
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