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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
If you are already rotating around yourself, and allow for more rotations, it might make a difference. A diver starts a rotating jump, then curls in, and reaps the benefits of extra rotations.

If you are only partially rotating, and sometimes not the whole body, and you are looking for an increase in speed in the millisecond before impact that you are pulling in your arm (which you are not actually, since you are hitting out on the ball), I don't think the increase in speed in the millisecond into impact is going to make a difference.
Well the whole upperbody with racket and all is turning (uncoiling), so I wil have to disagree.
And I am not looking for anything, just stating my opinion. And if the ball is comming from the direction of your left shoulder, pulling in is actually hitting out against the ball, and across.
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