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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
A flawed analogy, but that's neither here nor there.

So basically what you're looking for is an out if the string breaks during stringing, correct? I mean, if they say, yes - the max tension for 17g (I believe that's the guage you want to use in your London) is 70lbs, and it snaps, you want Wilson to replace it. Is that it or am I missing something?
There is no "out" if it breaks. If my racquet says max recommended tension of 60 and I string it at 70 and the stick crushes -- it's my loss.

If a string (like Babolat 17g) says max tension 66 lbs and I have the stringer sting it at 70 -- it's my loss. I exceeded the tension written on the package so I accepted the risk.

If a string has no max recommended tension listed on the package (like Wilson) and I string at 70 there and the string breaks -- don't know what happens now. Does the stringer grab another pack off the shelf and start over? Do I go buy another set and string 5 lbs less?

Reality is I'll accept any loss if needed based on the Reasonable Man Theory. I have not had a stringer break my strings while stringing. I have not broken my strings strung at 70 now and been on the stick for a few weeks.

The point of my post is not to assign liability but to have a REFERENCE for what is deemed the maximum suggested tension of Wilson natural gut 16 and 17 gauge. Not an outlandish thing.
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