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Originally Posted by FedericRoma83 View Post
Here's the translation of an old post of mine (I write on some italian forums).

Rosewall Majors (1957: Wembley Pro, 1958: French Pro, 1960: French Pro, Wembley Pro, 1961: French Pro, Wembley Pro, 1962: French Pro, Wembley Pro, 1963: French Pro, Wembley Pro, US Pro, 1964: French Pro, 1965: French Pro, US Pro, 1966: French Pro, 1968: Roland Garros, 1970: US Open, 1971: Australian Open, 1972: WCT Finals) 19 for sure, 20 if you count the Madison Square Garden Pro 1966, 21 if you count the 1963 tournée as a fourth Major for that season.

Laver Majors (1964: Wembley Pro, US Pro, 1965: Wembley Pro, 1966: Wembley Pro, US Pro, 1967: French Pro, Wembley Pro, US Pro, Wimbledon Pro, 1968: Wimbledon, 1969: Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open) 14 for sure, 15 if you count the Pacific Southwest Open 1968.
Some count the two Tennis Champions Classic events: even though they were two big titles, in the open era I prefer to count normal tournaments. Anyway, even if count them, you're still below Rosewall: 17

Statistics by surface (counting only undisputed Majors):
Laver - grass 8, clay 1, indoor 5
Rosewall - grass 4, clay 5, indoor 10

Time between first and last Major victory:
Laver 1964-1969 (first final 1963, last final 1972)
Rosewall 1957-1972 (first final 1957, last final 1974)

Laver 80-99 depending on sources, Rosewall 63-83 depending on sources

Head-to-head on big matches:
Laver 7 - Rosewall 9

Just think that when they faced each other for the first time Ken Rosewall was 28, and that an over-30 Rosewall won 5 of their 11 Majors meetings when Laver was considered the undisputed world no. 1 (1965-69): that says a lot about Rosewall's stature.

I think these numbers speak clearly. "Rosewall > Laver" is a pretty solid theory.
Federic, fine analysis but some would say that Laver was stronger when both were at their peak.

By the way, you have forgotten 1971 Dallas WCT, surely a major.
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