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Default Nasty Injury

Originally Posted by Mike Hodge View Post
I had a moderate tear of the gastroc. Tough injury. I remember going to the PT who told me I'd be out a couple months? I was skeptical. Weeks? The PT glared: "Just be glad you'll play again."

It was 2,3 months. Depending on the tear, it can be a serious injury.
I totally agree with your PT, it's been 4 weeks for me and I can only walk (still not in perfect form) 30-45mins and then my injured calf will be worn out & started twitching.

I'd just be happy to meet the healthy old me again by summer, even if it means staying off tennis for months.

It's the kind of injury that cannot be rushed or else the chance of long term / more serious injury is bound to occur.

Concerning when 1 should start exercise, I'd say when you can walk w/o pain. How much exercise? The muscle will tell you to stop, don't push it. And rest alot after you exercise. What can be done to improve the healing process? Do whatever you can to increase the blood flow to the calf area - massage, hot water, ... etc.
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