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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
You are wrong. This yet is a Laver forum and, most of all, a Federer forum.

You will get harsh critics if you place Rosewall ahead of Federer and Laver. Believe me: I have my experience...

Those who praise Rosewall here mostly praise Laver even more.

Alas, you are in a small group yet but maybe this group could grow a bit with the time...
Actually you will have harsh critics if you denigrate Laver or Federer without backing up your claims. A lot of people on this forum may rank Laver, Federer or both higher than Rosewall, but very few of them denigrate him as you denigrate Fed with wobbly arguments such as "despite all the arguments and evidence all of you provided, I still believe that Djokovic's peak level is higher than Federer's (because thus Federer is out of the competition with my dear Rosewall and Djokovic was never in it anyway)".
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