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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
and the effort comes approaching contact.
Starting the effort too early spoils the hit in any dynamic sport
Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Too early is not getting as close to the ball as almost catching it, as it is claimed, and then accelerating.
I think you are splitting hairs. But definetly not a jerk imo (who wants to play jerky?).
But a acceleration of the racket, mainly by bending the elbow, pulling it inwards/upwards depending on which way the elbow points is what I am talking about.
I guess the main discussion here is whether this happens only because of the natural kinetic chain, or also sometimes because of applying of force. I think the acceleration and applying of force through bending of the elbow (in a controlled, not jerky way) is usefull, and is seen in the Federer video.
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