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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
What's natural to you, why do you need to have a straight arm forearm?

Honestly, straight arm forehands should be a natural stroke for the player. Can't really teach it, you either have it or not. You'll end up hurting yourself if you force it.
it isn't as simple as saying you either have it or you dont. it's limiting to have that mindset. if one finds the straight arm may suit his or her game better and wants to transition to it from a double bend, then i see nothing wrong with that. if it causes some pain or difficulty, the best thing to do is to learn what's causing it and fixing the problem, instead of reverting to what you know. one can guess, but can't possibly know which method is better unless both are given a proper go.

it can be taught, and it can be learned. dimitrov went through a pretty noticeable change from double bend to a straight arm not too long ago.

straight arm forehands don't have to be natural right away. i used a slight double bend semi western (from an even more extreme double bend full western) before consciously trying out the straight arm semi western and eventually strong eastern. it wasn't any more difficult to learn the second mothod than the first. both where difficult at first but produced different benefits after i got the hang of it.

to the OP, i'm wondering how you're forehand is doing now. have you found which variation you like better? did you go rogue and adopt a berasategui double bend instead?
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